Chester Dapple Grey Rocking Horse on Bows

At British Rocking Horses, our experienced and expert rocking horse carvers still make your rocking horse in the traditional way and our aim is to bring some traditional Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian heritage and style to your home. A classic rocking horse on a Georgian-style or early Victorian bow rocker would melt any heart and is the epitome of period charm! Shunned by less experienced contemporary rocking horse makers of traditional horses as too great a challenge, the rocking horse mounted on bows is one of the centerpieces of British Rocking Horse.

Of course, we are happy to reproduce this style of old-fashioned rocking horse on a swinger safety stand which - having been patented in Cincinnati, Ohio as early as 1877 - can point to an extensive tradition itself. Nowadays, as part of the world-leading rocking horse stable, The Kensington Rocking Horse Company, we are able to export this style of horse back to Ohio and all other states of the USA as well!

We are now part of the Kensington Rocking Horse Company which groups together a small team of Britian's finest and most experienced rocking horse carvers. For a more detailed presentation, please visit:

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dapple rocking horse

victorian rocking horse