Traditional Rocking Horses

What could be more beautiful and timeless in a child's room that a lovely traditional rocking horse? The traditional rocking horses of Kensington Rocking Horse Company are widely regarded as the world's finest hand made rocking horses. Few other rocking horse makers uphold the traditions of genuine hand-craftsmanship in which every horse is individually hand-crafted by one craftsman. Whether it be the classic Victorian dapple grey rocking horse or a polished wood finish such as the Chester in walnut shown below, our experienced and expert rocking horse makers take great and pleasure in crafting traditional rocking horses of grace, beauty and poise.

And yet there is a secret!

Many, perhaps even most, of these gorgeous creations never find their way into a child's room at all. Why? Because these are the finest of children's rocking horses, but they are also numbered amongst the finest adult rocking horses. Such an adult rocking horse is often chosen by adults buying for themselves or being given a rocking horse as a gift for a wedding anniversary or a birthday for example.

A rocking horse may be ridden by a child or an adult or simply viewed as a piece of fine furniture. A handmade wooden rocking horse may be sited in the nursery, the playroom or elsewhere, but we always strive to produce something of exceptional beauty and elegance which can take pride of place anywhere in the home.

We are part of the world-leading Kensington Rocking Horse stable where you will find a wide range of the world's finest rocking horses, which are handmade by a group of the top rocking horse makers.

In addition, our rocking horse restorers have the skill and expertise to undertake rocking horse repair and renovation on the very finest antique rocking horses. Our antique rocking horse restoration service comprises a head rocking horse restorer of unrivalled experience and a small team of the finest antique rocking horse restorer.

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walnut rocking horse

The Chester rocking horse pictured above has a beautifully smooth surface of polished walnut. The gorgoeus grain gives a lovely appearance, but it is only when you run your hands over the horse that you realise how it appeals to all the senses. This is a rocking horse which just asks to be stroked!

Our rocking horses are exported round the world and have many delighted owners in the USA, all around Europe and in many other corners of the world. Indeed the fine craftsmanship which is represented by our creations is highly prized by customers around the globe.


Victorian rocking horse